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Whether you’re an employer or an employee, workplace stress is at a global all-time high. Our intro to well-being workshop is the first step to support your team.

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Intro to Well-Being Workshop

Reset Outdoor’s Intro to Well-Being is an 3-4 hour workshop designed to train groups on the critical skills required to develop and maintain a sustainable self-care practice. We understand self-care is not one size fits all. This workshop is intentionally designed to navigate both the highly individualized nature of an effective and sustainable self-care practice while building group cohesion and connection.

The Reset Outdoors THRIVE Compass provides insight into the impact of this workshop on individuals, while providing common language and structure for continuing to integrate these principles into the team culture.

The goals of this workshop are to:


Raise awareness of self, others and environment


Nurture confidence in what you do already that is excellent and effective


Grow authentic connection between members of a team or cohort


Boost motivation to continue to do more of what works, and less of what doesn't

Additionally, participants will leave with measurable:

Reduction in Stress

Simple yet effective tools to maintain  a work-life balance

Increased Sense of Resilience

Resilient employees make resilient organizations.

Increased Sense of Well-Being

The combination of strengths and well-being creates a thriving team.

Making a Difference

Like any new skill, mastery takes time, practice, and effective support to properly develop competence and operationalization. The Intro to Well-Being workshop is a necessary and preliminary step to developing this critical skill set.

Reset Outdoors Professional Well-Being Workshop

How to Thrive

For organizations committed to investing in providing team members with a complete tool-kit and the knowledge in how to use these tools, the Intro To Well-Being workshop series ensures that you and your team have time, space and on-going expert support to practice and master these skills.

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“The Reset Outdoors team are the most down to earth positive people who take a research and scientific based approach to oftentimes overlooked areas of work and personal lives.”

– Chris Kauzmann, Baker Institute

“I left with a clearer understanding of who I am: my own mission, passion, values and strengths.”

– Tumy Motsoatsoe,  AYAMA Creatives

“Reset Outdoors is an amazing company to work with! Their events are incredible, and they have a very professional, kind, and approachable staff.”

– Steve DeCusatis

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Reset Outdoors has been changing the way organizations approach professional development since 2016. Through experiential learning, we teach you and your team how to measurably reduce stress and meaningfully connect. This serves to both meet the unique needs of every individual on your team and simultaneously build a cohesive team experience, nurturing trust and cultivating well-being.

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