The Thrive Compass

Download and print this tool to use as part of your pre and post walk check-in.



This self-assessment tool is designed to help you identify both where you are in this moment, and also help you begin navigating to where you want to go. Each factor is both a measure and an outcome that is positively impacted by spending time in nature.

Work through the THRIVE Compass before heading out on a 20-90+ minute walk in nature and then again immediately after completing your walk. A mark of 1 indicates a need for some care and attention. A mark of 10 deserves some appreciation! Compare your results to see the progress you have made.

THOUGHTS: Both the action and product of thinking!
• Are your thoughts clear and focused (10) or clouded and distracting (1)?

HEALTH: Health is defined by the WHO as ‘a state of complete physical,
social and mental well being, not just the absence of disease or infirmity.’ Think about your entire self: physical, social, mental, creative, social, spiritual, etc.

• Considering all of these, do you feel completely healthy (10) or not at all (1)?

RESILIENCE: Loosely defined as ‘bouncing back’, resilience is your
confidence in your ability to make it through hardship and challenge.

• Take a moment to think about how confident you are in your ability to make it through the challenges you are currently navigating.

• Are you totally confident (10) or not confident at all (1).

INTERDEPENDENCE: Even the most independent of us rely on something
or someone for support.

• Take a moment to consider both who you rely upon, are you getting their best (10) or not (1), AND who relies on you?

• Are they getting your best (10) or not (1)? Average the two and make your mark on the line.

VITALITY: Positive, Productive, Active life force. The ability to get to work, enthusiastically, and do it well.

• How much vitality are you feeling right now?

EMPATHY: Empathy is your ability to understand the emotional experience of others, and is often associated with extending compassion along with your understanding to others. We also ask that you consider your own emotional landscape.

• Can you understand what you’re going through and extend some compassion to
yourself? Consider both and make your mark on the line indicating where you are with Empathy right now at this moment.

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