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Individual, couples, and families, looking to meet with a trained therapist.

Through a variety of outdoor activities, Reset Outdoors engages in one-on-one, couples, family, and group therapy sessions with clients.

Utilizing a unique three-fold format, we combine the inherent benefits of responsive listening, low-impact physical exercise, and the great outdoors. Since each client’s personal history and physical capabilities are unique, we adapt our restorative experiences to fit the specific needs of the individual or group.

Reset Outdoors provides services in our office located in South Side Bethlehem and at locations in your area chosen for their natural beauty and accessibility. Your Reset Outdoors facilitators are clinically trained therapists who will be working with you to maximize the positive benefits of these restorative experiences. We are dedicated to nurturing well-being and empowering our clients. With this in mind, all activities are adaptable to your personal preferences.

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